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Inaugural Event - 10/16/09

Diagnosing Our Future
Inaugural Speaker Series - October 13, 2009
Keynote Speakers
Governor Phil Bredesen
Tennessee Governor
Phil Bredesen
Congressman Jim Cooper
U.S. Congressman
Jim Cooper


Dr. Wilhelmina LeighDr. Wilhelmina A. Leigh is a Senior Research Associate at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in Washington, D.C. and an expert in access to health care and health disparities.

Landon GibbsLandon Gibbs is Executive Director and Co-Founder of SHOUTAmerica, a non-profit organization committed to cultivating sustainable solutions and policies that address today's health care crisis with a conscience for tomorrow.
Curt ThorneCurt Thorne is President and Chief Executive Officer of MedSolutions in Franklin, Tennessee, an industry leader on management of medical imaging services, serving more than 20 million members under contract from HMOs, PPOs, insurance carriers, employer groups, and government-sponsored plans.

Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences & Nursing
School of Pharmacy School of Nursing
School of Physical Therapy School of Occupational Therapy
Social Work Department