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What are the Belmont University Health requirements?
Each incoming, degree-seeking student is required to:

     1. Complete the Belmont Medical History form located in the Health Portal.
     2. Upload an Immunization Record into the Health Portal.
     3. Upload a Front and Back copy of current insurance card into the Health Portal.
     4. Transcribe dates from Immunization Record into the Health Portal

Instructions to complete these requirements can be found here.

If I am a health science student, are the requirements different?
Yes, health science students may need blood tests (titers) to prove immunity to Hepatitis B, MMR, and Varicella, plus a yearly TB skin test.

How can I find records?
Records can be retrieved from your pediatrician or family provider; from you high school or other college; or from your local health department.

What if no records are available?
Please make an appointment with Health Services to determine what must be done.

Where can I get the needed immunizations?
Health Services offers all required immunizations (by appointment) at a wholesale cost. Other options include your family provider, clinic, and local health department.

Why do I have to get these immunizations?
Belmont University Immunization Requirements are based on Tennessee state laws, as well as, CDC and ACIP recommendations.

Why is the meningitis vaccine recommended?
Even though bacterial meningitis is relatively rare, most cases occur in residential college students. Bacterial meningitis infections have a very high fatality rate.

What is the deadline for me to submit the forms online?
All required components must be complete no later than one month prior to matriculation.

How can I submit the required documentation of immunizations and the copy of my insurance card?
Documentation can be uploaded by following instructions listed in Step 6 here, under "COMPLETING THE MEDICAL HISTORY AND IMMUNIZATION FORMS."

What will happen if I do not complete all steps in this process?
You will be placed on a Health Form Hold which will hinder you from progressing in the University. This hold will only be removed once the requested process is complete.

I am unsure how to complete the online forms.  Where can I receive help?
The staff in Health Services is happy to answer questions in person or by phone. Before contact, please ensure that you have read these instructions.

What if I cannot access the Health Portal?
In general, the data transfer from Banner to the Health Services electronic medical record system does not take place until at least 2 weeks, and at most 5 weeks, following deposit and issuance of your BUid. 
If you are a returning student, you may need a new BUid.  If you have married or changed your name, that change must be submitted via Belmont Central before the data exchange can take place. Also, if you created your myBelmont account within 24 to 48 hours of attempting to access the health portal, access may not be allowed. Please wait at least 48 hours after creating your myBelmont account before accessing your health portal. If you are still unable to access the health portal following 48 hours, please contact Health Services.

I got married last year—who should I contact for a name change in the system?
Please contact Belmont Central.

I will be attending a summer orientation session.  May I come to the clinic for immunizations during that time?
Absolutely. You may schedule an appointment through your Health Portal or by contacting Health Services.  Health Services staff is always happy to help.

I don’t have health insurance, can I still be seen in Health Services?
Yes. Health Services does not bill insurance at all.  The information is kept on file in case of emergency. All students are required to have insurance.

Will my account be put on hold if I don’t have my insurance card?
No, only for missing medical history and immunization requirements.

My insurance coverage has changed.  Who should I contact to submit that change?
Just upload the image of your new card, front and back.

Do you do annual exams/pap smears? Do you prescribe birth control?
No.  For a list of locations able to fulfill these services, please call Health Services.

The nurse practitioner and/or doctor wrote me a prescription the last time I was in and I need a refill.  Do I need to be seen?
Yes, you must been seen for all refills regardless of whether or not they were prescribed here.  

I wasn't feeling well last week and missed class. Can I get an excuse?
No. If you were seen in Health Services, you may print a walk-out statement from your health portal that documents your visit.  Any excused absence needs to be between you and your professor. Please review the Belmont University Class Attendance Policy.

Do you prescribe/refill medication for students diagnosed with ADD?
No, we do not diagnose or prescribe any medication for ADD. For a list of locations able to fulfill this service, please call Health Services.

Can you test for Anemia?
Yes, we have the capability to draw blood to test for anemia. Unless you have lab orders from an outside provider, you must schedule an appointment with one of our Nurse Practitioners so that the appropriate test can be ordered.

Can you charge to my student account?
No, but you can pay by check, cash, credit/debit card.

Do you do STD testing?
Yes, STD testing is a 30 minute appointment scheduled with a Nurse Practitioner.

PPDs or TB skin test CANNOT be given on Thursdays.  Why?
Once a TB skin test is placed, it must be read within 48 - 72 hours.  Since 48 - 72 hours would have you coming back on the weekend, and we are closed on the weekend, we do not administer skin tests on Thursdays. 

Do you do drug testing?
No. For a list of locations able to fulfill this service, please call Health Services.

Does the clinic provide short term anxiety medication?
No, we do not provide short term anxiety medicine. For a list of locations able to fulfill these services, please call Health Services.