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Student & Parent FAQ

Summer 2020 Updates

  • New

    Will summer classes still happen on campus?
  • New

    What will happen to Towering Traditions, Belmont's summer orientation for new students?
  • New

    What will happen to my summer camp at Belmont?


  • Why is Belmont Making These Schedule Adjustments?
  • Updated

    What Changes are Being Made to the Spring Schedule?
  • How does this schedule change impact Belmont’s accreditation?
  • New

    How is Belmont instituting the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act?

Academics & WELL Core

  • New

    Will Belmont implement a Pass/Fail option for Spring Semester courses?
  • Updated

    What steps is Belmont implementing to ensure academic progress is not impacted?
  • Does the online class time frame impact Graduate programs as well?
  • I’m scheduled to graduate in May, but I haven’t completed my WELL Core/convo hours. What can I do?
  • New

    How can I earn WELL Core hours since students won’t be returning to campus this semester?
  • Will finals continue as scheduled?
  • I have an off campus practicum. Will it go on as scheduled?

Campus Life

  • Is Belmont’s campus closed?
  • Can I return to campus for my internship or job?
  • What is the policy for residence halls during this period?
  • Can I pick up my belongings at my residence hall?
  • When can residential students pick up their belongings and move out of the dorms?
  • Updated

    Will Belmont offer refunds for housing and food?

Campus Services

  • How do I sell back my textbooks I no longer need as the semester wraps up?
  • How do I return my rental books I rented through Bruin Books?
  • I need to pick up or transfer a prescription from the Belmont Pharmacy. What do I do?
  • I need to pick up a package from The UPS Store at Belmont. What do I do?


  • Updated

    Will graduating seniors get a commencement ceremony?

Travel Questions

  • If I have travelled internationally, what should I do?
  • Updated

    What will happen to my Maymester or Summer Study Abroad program?
  • Updated

    How does this news impact students at Belmont East, Belmont West or other semester-long Study Abroad/Study Away situations?
  • Updated

    I have a University-sponsored trip coming up. Should I cancel it?
  • Updated

    I have to modify existing travel schedules or make new travel plans based on schedule changes. Will the University provide any reimbursements?