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Recycling Guidelines

In an effort to divert the maximum amount of solid waste possible from landfills, Belmont University subscribes to a multi-pronged approach for recycling of solid waste.  The following methods are utilized:

Nashville Metro Recycling Dumpsters

  • Exterior trash cans labeled for recyclable materials capture paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum recyclable waste.
  • Interior waste receptacles labeled for paper or cans and bottles capture recyclable waste.
  • All of these containers are lined with clear bags so as to differentiate them from non-recyclable trash.
  • Eight dumpsters are located strategically around campus for collection of these recyclables for Friday pick up by Metro.


  • Batteries are collected in designated buckets in strategic areas of campus.
  • Once collected these batteries are transported to a battery recycling vendor for disposal.

Confidential Documents

  • Confidential documents are collected by Cintas for shredding.
  • All shredded paper is recycled.

Move In

  • Cardboard boxes are collected during student move in.
  • Boxes are staged in a trailer, then removed and recycled by Rivergate Recycling.

White Paper

  • White paper is collected at the following locations and recycled by QRS Recycling:
  1. Wheeler Humanities Porch
  2. Hitch Science Porch
  3. Massey Copy Center

Dining Services

  • Dining Services maintains a recycling program for solid waste generated in the cafeteria and catering operations.
  • Cans, bottles and boxes are recycled
  • Allied Waste transports and recycles the waste collected

Dickens Hall

  • One four-yard dumpster is maintained at Dickens Hall for cardboard recycling.
  • This cardboard is hauled and recycled by Allied Waste.