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Writing Emphasis

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M.A. English, Writing Emphasis

As a Writing Emphasis student, you will develop your critical and creative writing skills by taking 12 hours of writing electives--which may include Creative Writing, Composition Theories, Writing in the Genres, Writing and Identity, Writing and Social Issues, and/or any number of special topics courses--built on a foundation of Practical Literary Criticism and two Readings courses.* Our Thesis Research course, taken under the supervision of your faculty mentor, provides you with the specific background to write your thesis. You could then complete a researched creative thesis or a study in ethnography, literacy studies, or composition studies.

The Program:

  • ENG 5000 Practical Literary Criticism (3 hours)
  • Two courses of Readings courses from the following (6 hours): 5810, 5820, 5830, 5840
  • 12 hours of writing courses
  • 3 hours of literature or writing electives
  • ENG 6700 - Thesis Research (3 hours)
  • ENG 6800 - Thesis Writing (3 hours)

*Students with more than 9 hours of undergraduate survey courses may petition to replace 3 hours of the Readings requirement with 3 hours of electives.