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Drew Ducker

Drew Ducker

It wasn't until I read Shakespeare and Chaucer that my true passion for English surfaced. I enjoyed the way they twisted words and phrases and made you calculate and philosophize about what was going on in a story, and I enjoyed doing the same on the page. English allowed me to use my creativity and imagination in a way that other subjects could not.

The mechanics of English fascinated me and I began reading and writing more every day. I enjoyed English because it touched on all subjects from Math and Psychology to History and Philosophy. I loved how words could persuade, manipulate, educate, and enlighten the mind, and how one phrase  Polonius said, 'Brevity is the soul of wit,' or quoting Hamlet,  'To be or not to be,' can empower the mind and be discussed over and over again for centuries. English has opened up my mind in ways I thought were impossible. After a few college English classes, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in it. After graduating from Vanderbilt, the next step was to get my Master's in English and that led me to Belmont. I want to get my Master's in English so I can write and teach,

and continue forward with my love for English.