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Writing Seminars

ENG 6410 - Creative Writing (3) - Devoted to the theory and practice of writing fiction and or poetry, with an emphasis on revision. May be repeated once for credit.

ENG 6420 - Composition Theories (3) - The course provides a basic overview of composition theories: audience analysis; writing process theory; writing to learn theory; discourse theory; invention in the rhetorical tradition. Other topics include evaluation, electronic discourse, and grammar.

ENG 6470 - Writing in the Genres (3) - Each offering of this course will focus on writing in a specific genre. Seminar topics may include creative nonfiction ('literary journalism'); ethnography; nature writing; travel writing; expository writing; 'zine writing and other web-based writing. Students will both read and write in the genre under consideration. May be repeated for credit (up to six hours).

ENG 6460 - Writing and Identity (3) - Each offering of this course will explore the connections between writing and identity. Students will read and write in one or more 'expressive' genres. Seminar topics may include memoir; autobiography; writing and spirituality; journal writing; blogging. May be repeated for credit (up to six hours).

ENG 6450 - Writing and Social Issues (3) - Each offering of this course will examine the politics of writing, particularly regarding issues of race, gender, and socioeconomics. The course may include a service-learning component.