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Special Topics Seminars

ENG 6310 - Twentieth-Century Literature (3) - Major works of fiction or poetry illustrating the developments in twentieth-century fiction or poetry will be studied.

ENG 6320 - Topics in World Literature (3) - This seminar will examine a literary genre, theme, or set of relations that may occur across the literatures of the world and throughout literary history.Topics will vary, but the course will, through the consideration of works from several literatures, seek to establish literary points of reference both within and outside European traditions.

ENG 6330 - Regional / Ethnic Literature (3) - The seminar will focus on the literature of regions, such as the American South, or of ethnic groups such as Asian Americans or American Indians.

ENG 6340 - Gender Studies - An exploration of theories of gender; examines constructions and manipulations of gender in a variety of literary texts.

ENG 6370 - Folklore Studies (3) - This course examines folklore methodologies and genres. Seminar topics may include ethnographic research (fieldwork) and the study of folk groups; folk narratives; folk music and poetry; customs and rituals; folklore and literature.

ENG 6380 - Literary Criticism (3) - An intensive survey of the major critical texts from the classical to the modern ages forms the basis for discussion and application of critical approaches to selected texts.