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Literature Seminars

British Literature

ENG 6110 - Medieval Literature (3) - Major texts from the Anglo-Saxon and later medieval periods are explored in the context of the major social developments of the period. Issues such as translation, the canon, and critical history will also be explored.

ENG 6120 - Renaissance Literature (3) - Key works and genres from 1500-1660 (excluding Shakespeare) are studied.

ENG 6140 - Shakespeare (3) - The course surveys the canon and considers the plays from literary, theatrical, historical, and cultural perspectives.

ENG 6160 - Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature (3) - Consideration of selected fiction, poetry, and/or drama of Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Britain in light of Enlightenment social and political histories and of contemporary theory.

ENG 6180 - Nineteenth Century British Literature (3) - Leading writers of the Romantic and/or Victorian periods are studied in light of themes and controversies of the nineteenth century.

American Literature

ENG 6210 - Early American Literature (3) - Studies of authors and/or major literary and cultural trends from the first explorations of America through the Revolution and early National period.

ENG 6230 - African American Literature (3) - Examines literature by and/or about African Americans in the context of cultural and literary traditions.

ENG 6250 - Nineteenth-Century American Literature (3) - The literature of the American Renaissance and/or American Realism will be studied.