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The courses in the M.A. are designed for various purposes. Gateway courses are meant to introduce or re-introduce you to literary criticism, graduate research, and literary history. Seminars are advanced courses in literature, writing, and special topics. Practica give selected students valuable experience in teaching and editing. Other enriching electives are offered in the History of the English Language and Studies Abroad.

Summer 2014 Courses:
ENG 5830
Readings in American Literature I Wednesday
ENG 6000 Milton Monday
ENG 6300 Special Topics in Writing: Lyrical Essay Tuesday

Fall 2014 Courses:
ENG 5000 Practical Literary Criticism Thursday
ENG 5040 History of the English Language Wednesday
ENG 5840 Readings in World Literature II Monday
ENG 6000 Single/Double Author Seminar: Fitzgerald & Eliot Wednesday
ENG 6200 Writing Seminar: Fiction Tuesday

"I consider my masters work at Belmont the most rewarding part of my graduate studies in English Literature. As a member of graduate faculty myself now, I try my best to emulate the exceptional instructional and mentoring practices of my professors at Belmont.”

 -Masood Raja, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, Kent State University

Because "it's never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot