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Students will begin formal post-master’s DNP coursework with their peers in the fall of year one and continue on a 3.5 year sequence that relies primarily on the fall and spring terms for DNP coursework and the three intermediate summer terms and the fourth fall for MBA courses.  The DNP curriculum complies with accreditation standards set by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) which ensures the quality and integrity of baccalaureate and graduate programs in nursing.

Summer Prior to Enrollment in DNP/MBA
Summer Business Institute (if MBA prerequisites are needed)

First Fall Semester
First Spring Semester
NUR6100  Population Health & Epidemiology (3) FIN6100  Financial Management (2)
NUR6110  Biostatistics (3) NUR6220  Health Care Policy (3)
MGT6650  Management & Organizational Behavior
Semester Total: 6 credits Semester Total: 7 credits

First Summer
MGT6350  International Business Study Abroad (2) (in May)
ACC6480  Corporate Financial & Managerial Accounting (2)
FIN6410  Advanced Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations (2)
Summer Total: 6 credits

Second Fall Semester
Second Spring Semester
NUR6120  Foundations of Clinical Scholarship (3) NUR6130/6132  Scholarly Project 1 (3)
MGT6720  Leadership in Organizations Nursing (2) NUR6150  Evaluation of Healthcare Outcomes 1 (4)
Semester Total: 5 credits Semester Total: 7 credits

Second Summer
MIS6550  Management of Technology (2)
MGT6710  Legal & Ethical Environment of Business (2)
MGT6400  Management of Business Processes & Operations (2)
Summer Total: 6 credits

Third Fall Semester
Third Spring Semester
NUR6230/6232  Scholarly Project 2 (6) NUR6252  Scholarly Project 3 (3)
NUR6200  Evaluation of Healthcare Outcomes 2 (3) NUR6240  Healthcare Education of Diverse Pop (3)
MKT6450  Marketing Management (2)
Semester Total: 9 credits Semester Total: 8 credits

Third Summer
MGT6300  International Business (2)
MGT6750  Strategic Management (2)
MBA Elective (2) - may be taken in the Fall
Summer Total: 6 credits

Fourth Fall Semester

ETP6500  Entrepreneurship (2)
MBA Elective (2)
Semester Total: 4 credits

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