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Special Topics Seminars

ENG 6340. Gender Studies (3). An exploration of theories of gender; examines constructions and manipulations of gender in a variety of literary texts.

ENG 6400. Special Topics in Literature (3). Each course offering will address a different topic, issue, or theme from the disciplines of literature and/or critical theory. Deep knowledge of a topic, issue, or theme is the chief goal of the seminar. May be repeated twice for credit up to nine hours.

ENG 6300. Special Topics in Writing (3). Each offering of this course will address a different topic or theme from disciplines of writing, rhetoric, and / or composition. Topics may include Writing about Place, Writing and Social Issues, Writing and Identity, and others. May be repeated twice for credit up to nine hours

ENG 6500. Special Topics in English Grammar and Linguistics (3).This course, which will vary in focus with individual offerings, builds on basic understanding of English grammar from History of the English Language by focusing on special topics in Advanced English Grammar and Linguistics. Course is repeatable once with different topics.