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Internship Program

In one year you can receive a full teaching license and a Master of Arts in Teaching in your desired field.

Belmont’s Intern Program is an accelerated, full time program that allows you to spend a full year in the classroom with an experienced mentor teacher while completing graduate coursework that integrates your experiences in the classroom.

Graduate Study in the Program

Interns can seek licensure in a number of areas (PreK-3, K-5, and 6-12 content areas), and participate in graduate study that correspond to their licensure area.  Within the coursework, interns gain in-depth knowledge and skills to help them manage their classrooms and increase student learning for all students in their classrooms. Coursework is aligned with the clinical experience. Assignments and experiences are designed to help our teacher candidates directly affect student learning during their intern year.

Clinical Experience Options

As part of the Teacher Education Program at Belmont, teacher candidates will have placements in schools for their Clinical Experiences. Interns will have a full year of Clinical Experiences, while completing their MAT coursework.

Belmont Partner Schools

You will have two placements over the year, lasting one semester each
  • All teacher candidates will have at least one Metro Nashville Public School placement - usually the first placement. 
For their second placement, a student's career goals are taken into consideration.  

Partner schools include MNPS schools, surrounding districts’ schools, and independent schools.