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Nonprofit Leadership Degree Requirements

MEd leadership class

Nonprofit Leadership Program Curriculum 


EDU 6040, Leadership and Learning in Organizations (3 hours)

EDU 6050, Facilitating Learning in Organizations  (3 hours)

EDU 6060, Concepts of Learning Communities (3 hours)

EDU 6070, Research and Assessment in Learning Communities  (3 hours)



NPL 6010, Foundations of Nonprofit Organizations (3 hours)

NPL 6020, Financial Planning for Nonprofit Leaders (3 hours)

NPL 6025, Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations (3 hours)

NPL 6030, People Management in Nonprofit Organizations  (3 hours)

NPL 6035, Strategic and Operational Planning in Nonprofit Organizations  (3 hours)

NPL 6400,
Governance in Nonprofit Organizations (3 hours)


NPL 6045, Practicum in Nonprofit Settings ( 3 hours)

Or, any other graduate level course/courses  (3 hours)


 NPL 6900, Thesis/Project  (3 hours)