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Teacher Education Council



Teacher Education Council

The Teacher Education Council (TEC) is the advisory, governing, and policy approval board of the Teacher Education Program.

By-laws of the Teacher Education Council

1. Structure of the Teacher Education Council

The Teacher Education Council is structured from members of the educational community as follows

Internal Members (15)

  • Six members from the Department of Education (6): one EDU full-time faculty who serves on the CLASS GRAD Council, one EDU full-time faculty who teaches UG and G, Director of Clinical Practice, STEM-Science faculty member, STEM-Mathematics faculty member, and one adjunct/supervisor of clinical practice.
  • Five members from faculty outside the department of education: one from School of Humanities, one from School of Social Sciences, one from Social Work department, and two from College of Visual and Performing Arts.
  • Three current candidates (3): one current undergraduate candidate, one current M.Ed. candidates from the M.Ed. Graduate Advisory Council, one M.A.T. candidate.
  • One alumni from any of the program tracks.

External Members (10)

  •  Ten members from the K-12 sector (10):
    • Five members from MNPS (5)—one or two administrators at the director level, one or two building principals (one elementary, one middle preparatory or high school), two teachers (one early childhood or elementary and one middle preparatory or high school).
    • One district level administrator from two of the following districts (2): Cheatham County, Sumner County, Williamson County.
    • One independent school teacher (1): any grade level.
    • One independent school administrator (1).
    • One charter school teacher or administrator (1).

Ex-Officio Members (2)

  • Belmont University Provost or representative from the Provost’s office.
  • Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.


2. Term of Office and Minimum Frequency of Meetings

Internal and External members serve a two-year term with the exception of the M.A.T. representative who serves one year.

External members may serve more than one, two-year term.

The terms of office will be on a rotating schedule in order to ensure continuity. (one-half of the member serve two years starting on an even year and one-half of the members serve two years starting on the odd years.)

3. Frequency of meetings

The Teacher Education Council to meet at least two times a semester, with additional meetings called as deemed necessary to complete the business of the council.

4. Responsibilities of the Teacher Education Council

The Teacher Education Council has the following responsibilities:

  • Formulating policies and guidelines required for the implementation and operation of teacher licensure programs and professional Master of Education program/s.
  • Developing policies and guidelines for assessing program effectiveness.
  • Developing and implementing recruitment strategies and admissions procedures.
  • Making recommendations on awarding scholarships.
  • Formally accepting candidates into the relevant program.
  • Formally recommending candidates to student teaching.
  • Formally accepting M.Ed. candidates into candidacy.
  • Formally recommending candidates for awarding of licensure and/or degrees.
  • Adopting curriculum changes to the program/s and/or courses.
  • Examining and advising the department on possible new areas for course development.

5. Processes of the Teacher Education Council

  • The Chair of the Department of Education shall be the Chair of the TEC. The Chair of the Teacher Education Council is a non-voting member.
  • The TEC has the ability to establish working sub-committees for particular purposes.
  • All working sub-committees will have a specified task and time-line to accomplish the task/s.
  • All TEC policies to be enacted by the Department of Education after having been processed through the university processes pertinent to the policy.

6. Review of the TEC Policies

  • At the first meeting of each academic year, the Department of Education will present the prior academic year’s assessment data for review.
  • At the final meeting of each academic year, the Department of Education will make a formal Annual Report to the TEC on progress for that academic year. This report will include program enrollments, number of courses taught in each program, a review of education department partnerships, stages in the TN DOE/national accrediting body reaccreditation process, highlights of the year, potential barriers for growth, and opportunities for program improvement. Other items may be added to this report based upon the request of the TEC, the Department of Education faculty members, or the Chair of the Education Department.
  • Based on the Annual Report, the TEC may recommend policy changes to address any issues noted in the report.
  • Recommendations for admissions to Teacher Education and Clinical Practice will be approved by the TEC at the final meeting of each semester.
  • Recommendations for licensure or awarding of degrees will be approved by the TEC at the last meeting of each semester.
  • The profess of the Department of Education will be formally evaluated by an outside accrediting agency at least once every seven years and a report of this evaluation will be shared formally at a TEC called meeting. This report shall include program specific evaluations and/or national accreditation evaluations (e.g. NAEYC, ACEI, NCTE, NCSS, NCTM, NSTA, NASM, NASAD).

7. Changes to the By-laws

Changes to these by-laws can only be made by the TEC.

Adopted, Spring 2005.
Revised, Sept. 12, 2008
Revised, Dec. 6, 2012
Revised, Oct. 15, 2014

TEC Membership 2015-2016
Interim Department Chair Dr. Bryce Sullivan
Faculty Dr. Sally Barton-Arwood
Director of Clinical Practice Dr. Dorian Harrison
Math Faculty Dr. Ryan Fox
Other Departments
School of Music Faculty Dr. Lesley Mann
Science Faculty Dr. Danielle Garrett
Department of Foreign Languages Dr. Francesca Muccini
Visual Arts Faculty Dr. Meaghan Nelson
Department of Education Consultant Mr. Harvey Sperling
External Members
Principal, Norman Binkley Mr.  James Urquhart
District Level Administrator-Sumner County Schools Dr.  Kevin Steelman
Teacher Ms. Taylor Green
Alumni Ms. Clee Lee
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Dr. Bryce Sullivan
Provost Dr. Thomas Burns
Provost Office Dr. Phil Johnson
Teacher Certification Officer Ms. Andrea McClain
Officer Manager Mrs. Ann Baldwin