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Faculty & Staff

Belmont University's School of Education faculty welcomes you into a special environment in which individuals are important, quality is inherent, and participation is essential. Please let us know how we can serve you while you are at Belmont.

We look forward to working with you as you pursue your educational goals.

Alan Coverstone, Ed.D.

alan coverstone


Department Chair, Director of Education Graduate Programs
Director of Center for Innovative Projects in Education
Ed.D., Vanderbilt's Peabody School
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Mark Hogan, Ph.D.
Mark Hogan

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Specialization: Education and Human Development, Educational Leadership and Psychology
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Sally Barton-Arwood, Ph.D.

Sally Barton-Arwood

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Specialization: Special Education
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Rachael Flynn-Hopper, Ph.D.

Rachael Flynn Hopper

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Specialization: Reading Curriculum and Instruction
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Joy Kimmons, Ed.D.

Joy Kimmons

Ed.D., Vanderbilt University
Specialization: Educational Leadership
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Jesse Register, Ed.D.
jesse register

Distinguished Professor in Educational Leadership and Director of the Belmont Center for Improvement of Educational Systems
M.Ed., North Carolina at Charlotte
Ed.D., Duke University
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Lauren Lunsford, Ph.D.
Lauren Lunsford

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Specialization: Special Education
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Dr. Mona Ivey-Soto, Ph.D.

Dr.-Mona-Ivey-Soto-X2.jpgAssistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Oregon
Specialization: Urban Education
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Dr. Marcia Millet, Ed.D.

Managing Director of the Metro Nashville Urban Teacher Residency program
Ed.D. Tennessee State University
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Dr. Dorian Harrison, Ph.D.

Director of Clinical Practice
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Andrea McClain, M.Ed.

Coordinator for Teacher Licensing and Education Graduate Admissions
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Ann Baldwin

Office Manager
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