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Nobody can answer those "what's next" questions about your life except you.  The GPS program is specifically designed for students who, after their first semester or first year at Belmont, need to spend some time answering those questions.  Because it's important that you think comprehensively about your strengths, passions, and needs as well as the needs of your community, nation, and world, the GPS program offers a variety of tools and activities.  And just like that handy gadget in your phone or car, GPS will provide direction and help you navigate your way a little easier.  


Academic Majors – There are several tools to help you explore academic majors and where they might lead you.  We suggest the following areas to help with this planning:



Focused Action Plan (FAP) – This is an exercise developed by the GPS staff to help you identify areas to explore and resources available at Belmont. The FAP is based on research conducted regarding sophomore development (Helping Sophomores Succeed: Understanding and Improving the Second-Year Experience.  Hunter, Tobolowsky, Gardner, et al, 2010).  The FAP is best utilized with the support of a Student Coach from the GPS Office.