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Kennedy Hall

Residence Life designated Kennedy Hall as sophomore-only housing beginning in 2011.  By creating a customized environment where students in their second year can live and learn together, the staff of the GPS Office partner with the Kennedy Hall staff for exclusive opportunities, activities and programs.  

In the Fall of 2012, the GPS Office will also work with the staffs of Thrailkill (not exclusively sophomores) and Dickens. During the Spring 2013 semester, the GPS office will work closely with residents of the freshman halls to introduce program opportunities and assist students making academic decisions.

It is our intention that by choosing to participate in the Sophomore Living Experience, you are surrounding yourself with a supportive group of peers. There's something really comforting about knowing that those living in your community understand the challenges you face, that they experience similar feelings as they adjust to their second year at Belmont and that they are also making monumental decisions about their majors, career goals and futures beyond graduation.

Not only will you feel supported, but there are some unique perks and privileges for residents that you are sure to enjoy as well:

A Chance to be Heard - Students living in sophomore-only housing will have a greater role in developing hall policies. This is your chance to actively participate in the shaping of your residential experience!

On the Go Dining Options - To help manage busy schedules, residents in sophomore-focused housing will have the convenience of utilizing enhanced vending in their building that provide grab and go snacks.

Sophomore-Themed Convocations - A special series of convocations will take place right in Kennedy Hall and will focus on topics customized to the sophomore year like developing leadership skills, determining a major career path and discovering who you are.