Focused Action Plan

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The second semester and the sophomore year combine to form a unique time in one’s college career. Following the completion of the orientation experiences of Towering Traditions and the introductory academic experiences of the first semester courses and especially the Freshman Year Seminar, students begin to enter into a period that is rife with opportunities for exploration and discernment as well as commitment. 

The Focused Action Plan (FAP) can help you move from a series of random experiences to an integrated, uniquely developed plan to actively seek insight in key areas of your collegiate experience and, thusly, your life.

The primary areas of the FAP are:

  • Self-knowledge and Discernment
  • Creative Academic Engagement
  • Co-curricular Learning: Knowledge from experience(s)
  • Spiritual Discernment
  • Service to others: Looking beyond self 

The primary question the FAP hopes to answer:
  • Are you making the most of your Belmont experience?


Each area consists of activities you might consider undertaking and/or issues you might take into serious contemplation. Every activity or issue is developed with your experiences, values, goals and personality in mind. They are developed solely for your benefit and while you will participate in many activities that are identical to those of your friends and classmates, you may each take away a different outcome from these shared experiences. 

Your willingness to actively participate in your FAP, when combined with your Belmont academic experience, will more fully prepare you for the life you are defining.  We stand ready to be your support in this endeavor and help you find a path where you can “match your purpose, gifts and talents to world needs.”

Use the following downloadable forms to track your progress [all files PDF]: