Sophomore Year Experience

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The GPS program originally began as "Growth and Purpose for Sophomores" - a campus wide iniative to guide second, third, and fourth semester students through their unique transitional Sophomore Year Experience.  Our program has been noted as one of the most comprehensive sophomore experience programs in the nation, and it continues to be at the heart of what we do.  While our program has since expanded to include any student that needs our assistance, we still maintain a deliberate focus on our second year students through GPS focused living communities, in Two Oaks Hall and Thrailkill Hall, classroom experiences, and focused programming events.


Our focus on the sophomore year is intentional because there are unique experiences that take place.  The sophomore year is a common time for students to ask “what if” questions; it is a time of exploration and discernment. While some second-year students remain confident about their original choice of academic major, others may question that decision.  You might be considering adding a minor or thinking about the possibilities of study away from campus (study abroad, Belmont East/West, internships, etc.). If you want to make changes in direction, this is an ideal time to consider and make those decisions.

Many times students need assistance in navigating those experiences – we are here to help! While the foundation of the GPS program is in personal coaching session, the Sophomore Year Experience consists of many programming arms that encompass all areas of the second year.