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GPS: Growth and Purpose for Students

Helping YOU Find Your Way!

Think about it – if you leave your home on a trip, whether local or long distance, you may very well use your GPS. Even when you know where you are going you can get important information on traffic, construction issues, or decide to make an extra stop along the way. Using a GPS is second nature to many of us.  And there is no doubt when we are planning a trip to a new location (uncharted in our experiences); we use our computers and GPS to help us find our way. The GPS Office serves the same purpose for this new destination – your Belmont experience!


Why do I need a GPS for Belmont? Many freshman students know, for sure, what they will be when they grow up...but by their second semester, they aren't so sure at all and struggle to figure out what's next...what's next in terms of career plans, what's next in terms of major, what's next in personal relationships, what's next in their faith journey.


Nobody can answer those "what's next" questions about your life except you. The GPS program is specifically designed for students who, after their first semester or first year at Belmont, need to spend some time answering those questions. Because it's important that you think comprehensively about your strengths, passions, and needs as well as the needs of your community, nation, and world, the GPS program offers a variety of tools and activities.  And just like that handy gadget in your phone or car, GPS will provide direction and help you navigate your way a little easier.  


You have completed your orientation experience; you have the experience of at least a semester of classes in your toolbox and now you have come to a point where you can either confirm your destination or you may want to make a few changes (perhaps some major changes).  Either way the GPS Office is here for you.  Our student coaches are available for individual appointments to help you explore the experiences you bring, the passions you have, the needs of the world you identify with and the resources that Belmont offers.  We help you put together a plan of action, we help you find direction!


The GPS Toolbox includes information on:


  • Living - Your residential experience.
  • Learning - your academic experience.
  • Serving - your contributions to society and your spiritual experience


You access these tools by: