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Belmont students studying abroad in France

BA/BS or Minor

What You'll Study

GLS majors take general education courses and GLS core courses in their freshman and sophomore years. In their junior and senior years, students focus on completing 7 courses in Area Studies and general electives. In conjunction with GLS advisors, students select a sequence of courses that satisfy program and degree requirements while simultaneously exploring their own intellectual and professional objectives. A total of 128 course credits are required to graduate. A completed minor of at least 18 hours in another field is also required of every student. Learn more about available minors in the Belmont Catalog (scroll to the bottom of the page).

  • Global Leadership Studies Degree Requirements
  • Global Leadership Studies Minor

Global Leadership Studies Course Descriptions

  • GLS 1100 - Intro to Global Leadership
  • GLS 3100 - Leadership Across Cultures
  • GLS 4015 - Senior Capstone for Global Leadership