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Bruin Cup

Bruin Cup

With Intramurals being a tradition on Belmont's campus for decades, so has honoring the organization or team that has performed the best and participated in the most events and in 2003 was dubbed the Bruin Cup!  Organizations and teams can be awarded points during each event in three different categories:  

1. Participation - Each organization will be awarded points for the number of teams that participate in the team events and the number of individuals that participate in the individual events.  In many events, this point category is weighed more heavily than any other because Intramural Sports values participation as highly, if not more, than anything else.

2.  Sportsmanship -  Intramural Sports supports Belmont's Community Commitments that guide our behavior and how participants behave while participating is no different.  Teams can only lose points when it comes to sportsmanship and often times is considered a bonus for behaving like a responsible member of the Belmont community!

3. Performance - Each sport for have assigned points for finishing first, second or third based on the longevity of the season/tournament.  Points for first place can be as high as 500 which could be a great advantage for organizations pursuing the Bruin Cup.

Please check in with the Intramural staff to make sure your team is registered with the department.  Recognized student organizations are automatically eligible for the Bruin Cup and students can also create their own team to compete for the Bruin Cup by simply registering their roster with the Intramural Sports staff at the beginning of the year.  The roster must be submitted to the staff at the beginning of the year in order for that organization to begin to receive points.  Students may only play with one Bruin Cup recognized organization.  After registering with a Bruin Cup team, if a student participates in an event on another Bruin Cup registered team, that team is allowed to participate but points will not be awarded for the Bruin Cup.