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Studies Abroad

Study AbroadENG 3950: Third Year Writing Abroad (3).  Pre-requisite: ENG 1010 or its equivalent and 50+ hours of college credit.  This course, which is offered in connection with either a Belmont-credit bearing study abroad semester program or a Belmont summer study abroad program, is a variation of the required ENG 3010 Third Year Writing Course.  Course requirements, while tied and adapted to the study abroad experience, are designed to be equivalent to and meet the same student learning goals as ENG 3010.

ENL/W 1950-3950:  Studies Abroad (1-12) Prerequisite: ENG 1010 or its equivalent.  Individual titles will be assigned to each course, indicating place of study, subject matter, and level of credit, beginning through advanced.  Courses may count toward major, minor, core and/or elective credit, and may be designated, when appropriate, to fill specific degree requirements.  Multiple courses with this number may be taken in a given semester.