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First Year Courses

Advanced Placement and CLEP Credit Policy for First Year Writing Seminar

Students with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Language and Composition exam or on the Literature and Composition exam receive credit for ENG 1010; to complete their General Education composition requirement these students must still complete ENG 3010. Students who have taken both AP English tests and scored at least 4 on both tests receive a credit for ENG 1010 for one test and 3 additional hours of general elective credit. No CLEP credit will be awarded for ENG 1010.

English Courses

Core Composition Courses (ENG)

ENG 1010. First-Year Writing (3). A required first-year course in which students practice recognizing, evaluating, and constructing written arguments, in the process developing their reading and research skills. With ENG 3010, this course fulfills the general education writing requirement. Does not fulfill Core Humanities, English major, or English minor requirements.

ENG 1050. Understanding Literary Language. (3) In this general education English course required of all English majors, students will focus on the craft of reading and understanding texts in a variety of genres such as poetry, fiction, drama, and the essay while developing the technical literary vocabulary required to write about them. Students will learn to perform close readings of texts and should thereby gain a heightened appreciation of connections, patterns, and themes. Students also will be introduced to the study of grammar, syntax, and etymology.