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No. 1 - Articles on Hughes, Coppard, Faulkner, Mansfield, Hemingway, Wilson, Munro, O'Faolain, Goyen, and Woolf.

No. 2 - Proceedings of the conference held at Angers on January 22, 1983: an interview with Anthony Burgess and Mavis Gallant; articles on Poe, Joyce, Melville, and Faulkner.

No. 3 - Articles on Spencer, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Mansfield, Susan Hill, Fowles, Margaret Laurence, and Sake; three essays on Eudora Welty.

No. 4 - Exclusive interview with Graham Greene; articles on the Short Story in the Commonwealth: Naipaul, Harris, Mansfield, Atwood, Rooke, Munro, and Aidoo.A survey of the Short Story in Australia.

No. 5 - Articles on Munro, Toomer, James, McGahern, and Frank Sargeson. Book Review: The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty (1980) and Elizabeth Spencer (1981).

No. 6 - V.S. Pritchett special issue: an interview, seven essays and a new story.

No. 7 - Articles on Dickens, Kiely, Joyce, Poe, Welty, and Updike.

No. 8 - Modern Irish Short Story special issue: Remarks and a short story by Benedict Kiely; articles on Corkery, O'Connor, O'Faolain, Bowen, Lavin, Montague, and MacLaverty.

No. 9 - Peter Taylor Special Issue: an interview, six articles and a bibliographical checklist.

No. 10 - Nationality, Identity, Gender and the Short Story: articles on the Scottish Short Story, the American Short Story and stories by women writers. Also articles on Toomer and Dinesen.

No. 11 - Special Issue on Short Story Cycles: articles on Hawthorne, Joyce, Wright, Welty, Foote, and Updike.

No. 12 - Proceedings of the 'Narrative Techniques in the Short Story' Conference, Part One: articles on McLeod, Hurston and Walker, Gallant and Wilding.

No. 13 - Proceedings of the 'Narrative Techniques in the Short Story' Conference, Part Two: an interview with Muriel Spark, articles on Beckett, Ford, Fowles, Adam Schwartz, McGahern, Carver, and Lively.

No. 14 - Articles on Oates, Poe, Lewis, Woolf, Jackson, and Fitzgerald.

No. 15 - Nadine Gordimer Special Issue: six articles. An article on Carver.

No. 16 - Articles on Carver, Trevor, O'Connor, Wharton, Carey, Faulkner, and Bierce.

No. 17 - Articles on Beckett, Carver, Nabokov, Cheever, and O'Connor.

No. 18 - Proceedings of the 'Short Story of the American South' International Symposium: an interview with Elizabeth Spencer, articles on Spencer, Welty, Gaines, Gordon, and Taylor.

No. 19 - Articles on Carver, Faulkner, Lawrence, and C. Gordon.

No. 20 - Articles on Faulkner, Auster, and Lavin.

No. 21 - Articles on Melville, Anderson, and Welty.

No. 22 - Proceedings of the Conference on the English Short Story since 1946: an interview with Antonia S. Byatt, articles on Byatt, Carter, Pritchett, Taylor, Warner, McEwan, and Kelman.

No. 23 - Articles on Bowles, Kipling, James, Beckett, Woolf, and Carver.

No. 24 - Proceedings of the Indian Short Story Conference: articles on Tagore, B. Banerjee, Rao, Desai, Sebal, Vassanji, Sarang, and Hejmadi.

No. 25 - Articles on Porter, Wharton, James, Fowles, Kipling, Chopin, and Mansfield.

No. 26 - Proceedings of the Caribbean Short Story Conference: interviews with Olive Senior and Merle Collins, articles on Senior, Collins, Melville, Rhys, and Naipaul.

No. 27 - Special Issue: Gender and Ethnicity in Short Stories by North American Women: articles on Cisneros, Yamamoto, Hejmadi, Morrison, and Erdrich.

No. 28 - Articles on Ozick, Dubus, Poe, James, Bierce, and Carrington.

No. 29 - Proceedings of the 'Other Places, Other Selves' International Conference: an interview with Mavis Gallant, Louis de Bernieres and David Madden, a new story by Louis de Bernieres, articles on A. Behn, Wilde, Maugham, James, Rhys, Mansfield, Williams, Mukherjee, and Urquhart.

No. 30 - Articles on King, Baldwin, Munro, McGaher, Huxley, and O?Connor.

No. 31 - Articles on Atwood, Hoar, and Woolf.

No. 32 - Proceedings of the Conference on Jewish Identity and Otherness in the Modern Short Story: interview with Grace Paley, articles on Singer, Malamud, Spiegel, Yezierska, Paley, Gallant, Philip Roth, and W. Allen.

No. 33 - Articles on Carver, Swift, Oates, and Updike.

No. 34 - Proceedings of the International Conference on The Irish-North American Short Story: articles on Joyce, F. O'Connor, E. Bowen, Sean O'Faolain, Fitz-James O'Brian, and Five Essays on the Art of John McGahern's Short Fiction.

No. 35 - Articles on Eliot, M. Wilkins Freeman, Lawrence, Welty, Gallant, Oates, and Andrea Barrett.

No. 36 - Articles on Melville, Joyce, Erdrich, and Neil Jordon.

No. 37 - Articles on Poe, Melville, Joyce, Cheever, Trevor, and Carver