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Everything You Need to Know About the Belmont English Internship
For more information on Internship, contact Jason Lovvorn at

Internship Informational Video from Joel Overall on Vimeo.

Students in the Belmont English major or minor are required to complete an internship for at least 1 hour of credit though students can take the internship for 2 or 3 hours of credit. Students are responsible for finding and securing an internship with the guidance of the internship director before they can enroll in the ENG 3960 Internship course, and students should begin seeking the internship 2-3 months before the interning semester begins. Prior to filling out the internship paperwork, students must seek approval through Dr. Overall, who will verify that the internship opportunity involves writing, editing, and/or working with language in some substantial way. Then, approval to enroll for the course will be given once the student and sponsoring organization complete the Internship Agreement.

Course Requirements

During the semester, the students will compose three reflections, write three short assignments, and create an online internship portfolio that showcases work completed for the internship. The supervisor’s evaluation of the student’s work at the sponsoring organization will count for 50% of the final overall grade for the internship. Students enrolled in the course are required to complete a minimum number of hours at the sponsoring organization (see chart below).

1 credit hour

36 total hours

approximately 3 hours a week

2 credit hours

72 total hours

approximately 6 hours a week

3 credit hours

108 total hours

approximately 9 hours a week





Finding an Internship

Students are expected to seek an internship with an organization outside of Belmont University.

There are many resources available to help you find an internship. At minimum, you should use the following:

1. Keep track of recent opportunities through the @BUEnglishIntern Twitter feed and the “Discover” page of the Writing Internship website:

2. Sign in to Belmont’s Handshake database, and search through the job and internship opportunities involving writing, editing, or working with language in some significant way:

3. Open a free LinkedIn account and use the Jobs tab to search their hundreds of internships.

4. Start using, which is especially good for finding internships and full-time work in the Humanities.

5. Register with and search among the variety opportunities in Nashville and beyond.

6. Consider an internship with a Study Abroad program:

Where Have Belmont Writing majors and minors Interned in the last 3 years?

Contact Dr. Overall for the name of internship supervisors at these organizations.

  1. Nashville Adult Literacy Council
  2. Young Life Nashville
  3. HCA Healthcare
  4. The Mountain
  5. Flower Pot Press
  6. Nashville Arts Magazine
  7. Nashville Lifestyles Magazine
  8. Nfocus Magazine
  9. Nashville International Center for Empowerment
  10. TPAC
  11. Nashville Scene
  12. Nashville Flipped (DIY/HGTV)
  13. The Carnegie Writers
  14. The Contributor
  16. Bonnaroo Works Fund
  17. DO 615
  18. Upper Room Ministries
  19. SouthComm, Inc (Scene, Nfocus, Nashville Post)
  20. Read to Succeed
  21. Built on Rock Music
  22. Native Magazine
  23. Turner Publishing
  24. Red Orbit
  25. Lifeway Christian Resources
  26. Erwin Brothers Entertainment
  27. Fexy Media
  28. Lifeway Christian Resources

For more information on Internships, contact Dr. Jason Lovvorn @