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Bonnie Smith Whitehouse


Bonnie Smith
Whitehouse (B.A. Sewanee, M.A. University of Tennessee, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin) is an Associate Professor of English specializing in writing and rhetoric. She engages her students with questions about how reading and writing inform understandings of politics, nature, and identity. As a citizen, she has a special interest in educational access and equity, and this interest has led her to integrate service-learning with a local adult literacy organization into several of her classes. She has written about ways so-called common readers report reading popular novels have "changed" their lives in the context of mass literacy movements, and she is at work on a study stemming from her interest in the ancient Greek peripatetic tradition. (Peripatetic means "given to walking about.") Dr. Smith cares deeply about the English major and Belmont's core curriculum, and she appreciates crafting a First-Year Seminar syllabus as much as she values mentoring an M.A. student writing a thesis. When she's not at Belmont, Dr. Smith enjoys hiking, playing bridge, local politics, listening to folk and alternative country music, knitting, and--perhaps most especially--reading poetry just for the pure pleasure of it. Dr. Smith serves on the Board of Directors for DuBose Conference Center in Monteagle and co-leads a spring hiking/writing retreat called "Consider the Wildflowers" at St. Mary's Conference Center in Sewanee.