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Teacher Education Council
TEC Membership 2014-2015
Education Faculty (3)
Department Chair Dr. Mark Hogan
Faculty Dr. Joy Kimmons
Faculty Dr. James Stamper
Other Belmont Faculty (5)
School of Humanities Dr. Amy Hodges-Hamilton
School of Science Dr. Steve Murphree
School of Social Science Dr. Longard Shelby
College of Visual and Performing Arts Dr. Madeline Bridges
alternate-Department of Art Dr. Justin Makemson
K-12 Personnel (8 including 2 Principals and Two Teachers)
Director, Minority Recruiting and Student Teacher Placement Dr.  Ervin Tinnon
Principal-Glenview Elementary Dr.  Claudia Russell
Principal-Caldwell Enhanced Option School Mr.  Michael Ross
Curriculum Specialist-Pearl Cohn Dr.  Meghen Sanders
Teacher, Norman Binkley Dr.  Clee Lee
Asst. Superintendent for HR-MNPS Dr.  June Keel
Coordinator, SPED-Sumner County Schools Dr.  Kevin Steelman
Exec. Dir.Tennessee Education Assoc. Dr.  Al Mance
President of STEA-Belmont Chapter Ms. Courtney Horvath
Graduate Student Ms. Heidi Elbarky
M.Ed. graduate Mr. Antonio Meeks
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Bryce Sullivan
Professor, School of Education Dr. Trevor Hutchins
Provost Dr. Thomas Burns
Coordinator of Teacher Licensure and Graduate Admissions Ms. Andrea McClain
Database Coordinator Mrs. Teresa Snyder
Office Manager Mrs. Ann Baldwin