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School of Education


As a central part of a premier teaching university, the School provides the knowledge, skills, and experiences for a person to pursue a lifelong commitment to quality teaching and/or wellness. We envision graduates who enjoy what they are doing, are positive role models in all senses, and who continually reflect on their personal and professional roles and performance.



Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate Licensure

To provide knowledge, skills, and attitudes that assist graduates to maintain a healthy life style, seek employment in the wellness professions and/or license graduates to teach in Tennessee.


To provide an innovative approach to meet the needs of today’s teachers and members of the wellness professions. To build on students’ academic knowledge and assist them to successfully apply knowledge into their professional context. To assist graduates to effectively blend theory, research and practice in their workplace.



Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate Licensure

  • Develop skills, understandings, and attitudes necessary for professional employment.
  • Provide a conceptual framework for reflecting on their professional field.
  • Promote Christian values and ethics as they relate to working with children and adults from various cultures and backgrounds.
  • Emphasize applications of sound educational principles
  • Provide opportunities for extensive field-work.
  • To provide a basis for lifelong development.


  • To develop graduates who are scholars, skillful communicators, and competent practitioners.
  • To integrate theory and practice.
  • To facilitate the development in students of these qualities necessary for effective professional performance: critical thinking, clear communication, strong academic understanding, leadership and high ethical standards.


We embrace the Mission of Belmont University that “empowers men and women to transform the world” as educators and leaders of organizations who champion equity, opportunity, and dignity for all.