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Recruitment Initiatives

Recruitment Initiatives

Establish a racially diverse group of faculty and staff who offer insight on recruiting diverse faculty.

Conduct workshops and climate surveys, obtain training and engage in service initiatives to ensure understanding of Belmont's commitment to diversity
Work with Alumni Relations to obtain recruitment recommendations and referrals of diverse alumni for available campus job postings

Ensure diverse membership of the Ambassadors, Bruin Recruiters and other student organizations including a group focused on graduate students and utilize these groups in recruitment

Support the “Bridges to Belmont” program

Increase number of diverse student organizations

Expand involvement of diversity-based student organizations in undergraduate and graduate recruitment.

Implement employment recruitment advertising and marketing diversity initiatives withing brochures, publications, website and news features that reflect a diverse faculty, staff and student population.

Consult with search committees to ensure understanding of appropriate hiring and interview processes including Belmont's affirmative action goals.
Acquire new prospective leads of regional diverse high school students from ACT/SAT.

Establish partnerships for ACT prep sessions and college prep and access programs (Belmont Distinguished Scholars/100 Kings) targeted to diverse MNPS students

Distribute annual survey to new faculty and admitted students for feedback on their recruitment experience

Identify diverse speakers and invite diverse audience representatives to participate in campus events.

Offer scholarships and provide financial aid support and guidance i.e. Community, Bridges to Belmont, Ingram, Rose Park and Hearst Scholarships