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welcome home diversity council

RED Team

Belmont University is a student-centered Christian community providing an academically challenging education that empowers men and women of diverse backgrounds to engage and transform the world with disciplined intelligence, compassion, courage and faith.

Welcome Home Diversity Council

Belmont’s Welcome Home initiative was established by senior leadership to support the university’s goal of becoming increasingly more diverse and broadly reflective of our local and global communities. The Welcome Home Diversity Council meets regularly to support Belmont's diversity and inclusion initiatives and serve in an advisory capacity to senior leadership. The Council is made up of faculty, staff and students from across campus and includes representatives from a variety of locations across campus including the Teaching Center, the Office of Multicultural Learning and Experiences, HOPE Council, the RED (Racial and Ethnic Diversity) Team and more. The Council is chaired by Vice President and Chief of Staff Dr. Susan West. 

The Belmont State of Mind: Initiative for Diversity and Inclusion


This year, the Welcome Home Diversity Council (WHDC) is focused on enhancing and embedding a culture of inclusive excellence and meeting community members where they are. The Council landed on a new, overarching tagline, the Belmont State of Mind: Initiative for Diversity and Inclusion. This tagline houses all of the Council’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, while featuring other on-campus events that are focused on similar outcomes (i.e. diversity and inclusion).

Belmont State of Mind: Initiative for Diversity and Inclusion is inclusive, it’s celebratory, it’s open-minded and welcoming, it’s transparent and honors differences, it challenges ideals and encourages dialogue. These major tenets of the Belmont community have always been in place--the Council is eager to bring them to the forefront. The WHDC is excited to devote its time, effort and resources to recognizing, publicizing and celebrating the Belmont State of Mind throughout campus and encouraging all members of the Belmont community to do the same.

The RED (Racial and Ethnic Diversity) Team

The RED (Racial and Ethnic Diveristy) Team exists to explore initiatives and plan strategies to create a culture of inclusion and actively and intentionally recruit racially and ethnically diverse faculty, staff and students. Through the efforts of this group, Belmont will strive to become a model for creating and sustaining a culture of racial and ethnic diversity while producing a welcoming environment for all. Students, faculty and staff participate on the RED Team which serves in an advisory capacity to senior leadership and is chaired by Vice President and Chief of Staff Dr. Susan West.

Recruitment Initiatives 
Engagement Initiatives
Retention Initiatives
Powerpoint Presentation on RED Team Initiatives

For a complete listing of the Welcome Home Team's initiatives, click here

RED Team Members

• Dr. Susan West, VP & Chief of Staff/Chair
• Meg Arnold, Human Resources/Staff Representative
• Gary Hunter, Telecommunications Office/Staff Representative
• Dr. Phil Johnston, College of Pharmacy/Faculty Representative
• Dr. Colin Cannonier, College of Business/Faculty Representative
• David Mee, Enrollment Services/Staff Representative
• Greg Pillon, Office of Communications/Staff Representative
• Dr. Cheryl Slay Carr, College of Entertainment and Music Business/Faculty Representative
• Pat Smedley, Student Financial Services/Staff Representative
• Joyce Searcy, Community Relations/Staff Representative
• Angie Bryant, Student Engagement and Leadership Development
• Hope Buckner, Office of Communications

The Welcome Home Team recently announced the creation of the Dr. Fannie Hewlett Award that celebrates racial and ethnic diversity by recognizing student courage, leadership and contribution to a culture of inclusion at Belmont. For the nomination packet, click here.

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