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Belmont Parents 


Our Athletics Web site will help you catch up with what's happening with Belmont's athletic teams. Team scores, schedules, news and broadcast times are all a mouse-click away.

University Calendar
Do you need the date for graduation, move in day or homecoming? Keep up with what's happening at Belmont with our online calendar.

Visiting Campus
Are you planning to visit Belmont? If so, the following links can help you plan your trip.

New Student and Parent Information
Are you new to Belmont? Use the links on the right to plan a visit, learn about orientation or find out about our health services for students.

Technology Support on Campus
What is going on with campus computing? Where is wireless access available? What kind of computer will you need at Belmont? 

Find out everything you need to know about commencement activities for the current academic year.

Faculty/Staff Directory
The online faculty/staff directory makes it easy for you to get in contact with anyone who works at Belmont.

Course Catalog
Our online course catalog makes it easy to plan out the semester. All courses currently taught at Belmont are described here.

Belmont Central
Belmont Central is Belmont University's 'one stop shop' for student administrative services, a place where students can go to accomplish the 'business' of being in school. Here, students are able to request, receive, and retrieve the wealth of student information they need - applications, forms, transcripts, and account information - without having to run all over campus to do it.

Student Financial Services
Student Financial Services can assist in processing student loans, scholarships, grants and other types of financial aid. SFS can also answer question about paying tuition and keeping up with fees. They can also help to locate on-campus jobs for students who plan to work part-time while pursuing a degree. 

University Registrar
If you have any questions about class schedules or registering for classes contact the registrar's office.

Office of Risk Management and Campus Security
If you need information about obtaining a parking sticker or have any questions about security issues at Belmont, the Safety and Security offices can help you.