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Auxiliary Partners

Auxiliary Partners

Connect with the Belmont Community and
provide scholarships for Belmont Students by joining the

Belmont Auxiliary Partners

The Auxiliary was established as Belmont College Aid in 1954 to promote interest in the University and to assist the administration, Board of Trustees, faculty and staff in providing scholarships for students. The organization was renamed the Belmont University Auxiliary in 1991 and then the Belmont Auxiliary Partners in 2007.

Through the years, Belmont Auxiliary Partners has provided scholarships for many deserving students who otherwise might not have had an opportunity for a Christian education.

Anyone interested in the mission of Belmont University is welcome to be a part of the Belmont Auxiliary Partners, including Board of Trustee members, alumni, faculty and staff (and their spouses/family members) and community members.

The Belmont Auxiliary Partners group meets twice annually, in the spring and the fall, with a luncheon meeting featuring a guest speaker.

Our fall luncheon is set for Tuesday, Oct. 13, from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the 4th Floor conference room of the Wedgewood Academic Center. This luncheon will feature Belmont Dean, Alberto Gonzales. For more details about our luncheon, please contact Teal Plauché-Morris in the Office of Development at (615) 460-6910 or teal.plauchemorris@belmont.edu.

To RSVP for this event, call (615) 460-6212 or rsvp@belmont.edu. Lunch is $40 with proceeds benefitting the Auxiliary Scholarship Fund.