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Stress Management and Mindfulness Meditation

Stressed? Try these techniques...

  • Write in a journal
  • Talk to a supportive friend or family member
  • Seek our your advisor or Residence Life staff for assistance
  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Exercise, preferably outdoors, if weather permits
  • Meditate or mediation-in-motion such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi (chi) Gong
  • Take a "mindful" walk
  • Get off campus for a break
  • Plan study breaks for 10 minutes each hour - include yoga, stretching or a quick walk outside
Online Resources

> Do as One: Breathing Room

> NIH Clinical Center Deep Breathing

> Tiny Buddha

> Headspace

Phone Apps

> Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell App

> Insight Timer - Meditation Timer App

> Universal Breathing - Pranayama Free App

Tactical Breather By The National Center for Telehealth and Technology

Life - Your Daily Coach