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“Studying Interpersonal Communication has helped me in my personal life and in my professional life working with entertainers and marketing my organization.”
Director of Operations, Event Booking/Venue Management Company

“Belmont University’s Department of Communication Studies provided me with a vast array of knowledge about the art of communication and allowed me to explore outside experience with a presidential campaign that benefits me every day in my current career in the political world.”
Political Consultant

“My communication classes at Belmont University gave me the fundamental skills I need to succeed... I am confident that it was my ability to communicate that gave me the edge I needed to secure my current position.”
Author, Blogger, and Consultant

“I find that on a daily basis I draw from my educational experience at Belmont to make important observations and decisions about the organizational culture in which I work.  My degree has prepared me for work in all avenues of life whether in the non-profit sector, business community, or in ministry. The Belmont Communication Studies department creates a unique mix of curriculum, from the great classics of Aristotle and Socrates, to modern day political discourse.  This curriculum allows a person to springboard into any career choice. I cannot say enough of how proud I am of the professor’s knowledge and expertise in their individual fields.”
Founder of Touched by Grace Ministries

"I studied under dedicated and inspiring professors who challenged me as a student and a thinker.  The diversity of the program provided me with a foundation to pursue my goals from teaching English at a high school in Paris, France to law school at the University of Mississippi."

"Business demands effective communication. Individuals who demonstrate core communications skills like the ones taught in Belmont's Communications Studies major bring great value to the business setting, and they can enjoy success in a wide variety of roles, such as marketing, sales, human resources, client relations, management and even corporate law. As a marketing and internal communications guy, I put my Belmont education to work every day as I create strategic marketing programs, manage vendors, develop presentations and support our company's sales team. I wouldn't be where I am today without the skills I learned at Belmont."

Marketing Manager