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Photo of the back of the heads of three children sitting at a piano bench reading sheet music.


The Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree is designed for those students who wish to share their passion for music through teaching others. Students in this program receive extensive artistic training on their primary instrument or voice, including performances with our renowned ensembles and significant studies in conducting, and the opportunity to study both classical and commercial styles. The artistic side is then merged with experiences in teaching and pedagogy, including focused instruction and mentorship, on-site visits to school music classrooms, and real-world practice teaching opportunities. This training culminates in an immersive semester-long teaching internship, with the ultimate result of certification and licensure to teach K-12 music in public schools. In addition to careers in school music, alumni in this program have also pursued advanced study in graduate programs such as Belmont’s Master of Music in Music Education.


Potential Career Options

  • High school band or choir director
  • Elementary music teacher
  • District fine arts supervisor
  • University professor in music education