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Opportunities in Chemistry and Physics

Internships, Summer Research, Study Abroad

Every student should strongly consider having an internship, studying abroad, or participating in a summer research experience during their undergraduate education. 

One of the most widespread summer research programs is the National Science Foundation(NSF)-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. REU sites exist in every science at dozens of schools across the country. The NSF REU site will list programs in all disciplines. 

Please click on the Fellowships, REUs, and Summer Research link above for more information.

Graduate Programs

Many of our students continue their studies in graduate school. Please click here to find information on graduate school programs in the sciences.


There are a wide range of career options in business, industry, government and academics available to graduates in chemistry, physics and related fields. Please click here for the Career Sites page.

Professional Organizations
There are many professional organizations and societies that may be of interest to individuals pursuing a career in Chemistry, Physics, or a related field. Please click here for the Professional Organizations page.