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Kimberlee Entsminger, Ph.D.


While in graduate school at UT Knoxville, I discovered a passion for teaching chemistry.   After receiving my Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry, I worked in industry (Hercules, Inc. in paper chemistry) and as a post-doctoral student (UNC Chapel Hill – studying the effects of surfaces on organic reactions).   Since coming to Belmont in 1997, I have rediscovered my original passion – teaching.   In the classroom, I strive to create learning environments that expose students to various learning styles as well as to real-world applications.   Besides teaching Organic Chemistry, I also teach First-Year Seminar (The Dark Side of Chocolate) and Junior Cornerstone Seminar (The Chemistry of Drugs and Addictions).   When not developing new classes and working with students through research projects and student organizations, I enjoy reading, eating chocolate and playing Texas Hold ‘Em.

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