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Justin Stace, Ph.D.


I attended Western Kentucky University and received my B.S. in Biochemistry.  Following two years as a process chemist at an automotive plating facility in Bowling Green, KY, I attended University of Cincinnati to pursue my interests in physical and inorganic chemistry.  I left full-time graduate school to begin a career, but bounced around for a few years.  I landed at Belmont in the fall of 2010 to teach and develop a focused undergraduate research project.  I currently teach an introductory chemistry course, general chemistry I&II, biophysical chemistry, physical chemistry I&II, and direct a modest research project.   My research interests focus on the photophysics and photochemistry of biological mimic first-row transition metal Schiff-Base complexes and their kinetic behavior during oxidative-addition/reductive-elimination reactions.

Outside of the classroom and the laboratory, I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and three young children, playing guitar, argument, reading (books made with paper), and drinking coffee.

I would like to contact Dr. Stace.