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Chemistry Majors


The Chemistry and Physics Department is dedicated to helping students discover where they want to go in the sciences. The department offers a major in chemistry with various emphases and an interdisciplinary program with the Department of Biology. These programs offer a balanced presentation of theory and application in chemistry. Each program has course offerings designed to allow students to best pursue their objectives.

A facet that makes our programs stand out is the variety of opportunities for students. We have a very active learning community between our majors and faculty that gives students opportunities to learn outside the classroom. The faculty offer a wide range of undergraduate research opportunities for our students in chemistry. A unique aspect of these research opportunities is that each student works directly with a faculty member. Laboratory assistant jobs are available for those interested in earning extra money while obtaining laboratory experience. We also have very active service learning outreach programs in the community with middle schools, high schools, and various youth organizations.

Areas of emphasis:
  • Advanced Chemistry is designed for students considering careers in chemical research. Providing a rigorous foundation in organic, analytical, and physical chemistry as well as undergraduate research opportunities, it is ideal for students interested in pursuing graduate study in chemistry.
  • Pre-health Chemistry includes chemistry courses required for admission to medical, dental, pharmacy, and other health-related professional schools, emphasizing organic, biochemistry and biophysical chemistry.   Other chemistry courses provide a strong core for later success in health-related fields.  Successful completion of this program of study provides students with an excellent background for satisfying medical school admission requirements as well as preparation for standardized tests.
  • Applied Chemistry concentrates on more technical aspects of chemistry.  Courses in analysis & instrumentation as well as internship opportunities position students for success in quality assurance or control labs, environmental monitoring, forensics, or scientific equipment sales.
  • Chemistry Education is designed for students wanting to pursue teaching in chemistry or a related area at the secondary – education level.  Students in this emphasis may minor in education and apply for admission into Belmont’s accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching program.  This specialized ‘4+1’ program allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, then earn a master’s degree in education and be eligible for  teaching licensure in the fifth (+1) year.

A Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major (B.S.) is an interdisciplinary major offered by the Department of Chemistry/Physics and the Department of Biology. Career options include:

  • Medical School
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Biotechnology
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Graduate School

pham studies

A Pharmaceutical Studies Major (B.S.) is an interdisciplinary major offering students a strong background in chemistry, biology, and business.   Students graduating from this program will receive a B.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Studies. Students in the Pharmaceutical Studies Program will select one of two possible tracks: Sales or Pharmacy School.  The program does not require a minor due to number of hours and its interdisciplinary nature.  The selection of courses has been optimized to best prepare students for a variety of fields in the area of pharmaceutical science including:

  • Pharmacy School
  • Graduate School
  • Pharmaceutical Sales or Marketing