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Summer Institute

A unique opportunity to visit Music City and take summer music business, recording technology, and entertainment industry courses at the renowned Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business at Belmont University.  Earn credit hours for transfer back to your own institution; get a jump-start on your degree at Belmont; or just take courses, network with industry professionals, and refine your classroom knowledge in a real world setting.

For more information contact Curb College Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM by phone at 615.460.5504 or contact our Admissions Specialist at

Available courses may include:

Survey of Music Business (MBU 1110).   This course is a general overview and a study of the major functional areas of the music business. Attention is given to the theoretical foundations and practical application of current business practices in the music industry including supporting organizations and the revenue flow from music consumer to creator.

Survey of Recording Technology (AET 1380).   This course is an introductory study of music-recording technology with attention to its history, innovations, and effects on the recording process, specifically the sonic quality of recorded music.

The Nashville Experience (EIS 1895). An exploratory examination of the entertainment industry that is specific to Nashville.

Internship and Career Foundations (MBU 2000).  This career development course addresses personal and professional development, career and job strategies, interviewing and networking skills, and internship participation expectations. 

Creative Entertainment Technologies (EIS 2350).  Students participate in an investigation of the major areas of consumer and professional entertainment-related technologies and their applications. This course of study serves as an introduction to the uses and influences of technology with attention to innovations, history, and technology's effects on the global entertainment industries.

Copyright Law (MBU 2520).  This course provides an in-depth study of copyright law in the entertainment industry including its origins, rationale, protections, and limitations.

Internship (MBU/EIS 3000).  This formal career education assignment enables students to intern at entertainment business organizations for a selected period of time.

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