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Showcase Series



The Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business Showcase Series is designed to give students real world training in all aspects of live performance production, to showcase Belmont student talent, and to build a sense of community between Belmont University students and the Nashville music industry. Each school year, students are responsible for planning, running, and organizing five arena showcases, one outdoor show, and four writers' nights in a professional manner that highlight the musical and technical talents Belmont students have to offer.  They gain experience in areas such as stage design and lighting, artist management, production, video, live sound, publicity, and art design.  All CEMB arena showcases take place in the Curb Event Center, the perfect venue for staging full-scale professional concerts. 

 In addition to the 50-75 students who perform over the course of a year, the series offers approximately 30 students advanced leadership opportunities in the areas of production, lighting design, and audio engineering; and an average of 75 more students are involved in the implementation of each show.  Over 1,200 Belmont students and community members attend each  large-scale production.

Student Performance

The showcase performance selection process begins when students submit demos of two original songs. Judges from the Nashville music industry evaluate the demos and determine if an act is "sound worthy" for a showcase.  The selected artists then participate in live auditions where a   group of professional judges determine yet again which of the artists has the best ability to "put on a show," and those chosen go on to perform in a showcase.  The winning act from each showcase is automatically included in the Best of the Best showcase at the end of the academic year. 

 Production Experience: Leadership and Creativity

Generally, students involved in the production of CEMB showcases learn about marketing & PR through the development and distribution of audition posters/flyers, event posters, programs, and invitations—including coordination of photography and graphic design.  They also seek sponsorships and donations as part of their overall budget planning. 

Students also have the opportunity to serve on the Showcase Producer Council. Council members gain experience standardizing and implementing audition packet information and guidelines and production and judging sheets; maintaining fiscal responsibility in the use of university funds; making sure each show has a “marketable element”; enforcing deadlines; developing show goals and leadership goals; creating/revising Showcase Council structure; making sure the integrity of the university is upheld in each act showcased, including checking all lyrics and attire; and creating hiring criteria for Associate Producers and Production Assistants.

In addition, producers learn to hire a production team; plan and implement a vision; create a marketing plan; work within deadlines and a budget; report expenses; interact with artist managers/artists with a customer service approach; coordinate with a venue; make decisions and follow through; accept responsibility and delegate responsibilities; communicate efficiently/effectively with a team; and collaborate as members of the Producer Council.