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Larry Wacholtz, Ph.D.

Larry Wacholtz
Larry Wacholtz is a Full Professor for the CURB College of Entertainment & Music Business at Belmont University. He has taught a variety of courses within the college over his career and has a background in entrepreneurship, audio and visual production, industry related research in psychographics, marketing, event creation, management, music publishing, concert promotion, history, label operations and administration.

Wacholtz was the former Director for the Center of Entertainment Industry Entrepreneurship Education at Belmont University, President of Entertainment Media Research (MCA, & Word Records) and owner of Thumbs Up Publishing. He has consulted and contributed to industry-related companies (,, and others). He has written several books on the industry including a Billboard publication and has been invited to many industry professional conferences for research papers presentations, panels and lectures. Wacholtz also developed the first audio engineering program for high school students in the U.S., worked as an audio engineer, created curriculum adapted by different universities, worked as an IATSE stage hand and was in the Special Forces, United States Air Force, serving in Vietnam.

Wacholtz has a passion to provide a solid foundation of industry-related information to help students achieve their industry related career goals. "I truly believe there are ways for artists to become financially successful by doing their own thing as part of the industry." 

Wacholtz is a charter member of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, C/o Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association, the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship and the The National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences (Grammy Awards).