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Mike Poston

Mike PostonMike Poston became an active member of the Nashville Recording industry in 1973, after serving 6 years in the U.S. Navy, including 2 years of electronics schooling.  After working as a maintenance and installation technician, and studio chief engineer, he transitioned to recording engineer in 1978 and recorded over 70 albums, many of those with legendary guitarist, Chet Atkins.  He is recognized as one of Nashville’s digital pioneers bringing the first Mitsubishi X800 to Nashville.  In 1986, he found time to design and build Sixteenth Avenue Sound (now Digital Audio Post) on music row.  It was there that he began representing various professional audio companies including Apogee Electronics, Sonic Solutions, Sony Pro Audio, Dolby, Merging Technologies, and others in the distribution of their products. 

Currently, he still represents products from Dolby Labs and Merging Technologies (Pyramix), and he teaches Recording Technology and Studio Maintenance full-time at Belmont University.  He also has found time over the last 7 years to master over 300 albums.   Mike has served on the AES Committee/Nashville Section for over 15 years, and is a 35+year Recording Academy member having engineered / mixed 7 Grammy winners.