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George Robin Foster

George Rovin FosterRobin Foster’s roots are in the Mississippi Delta but his passion for motion pictures as personal expression began in his first film course at Phillips Academy, outside Boston. Forty plus years later, his experience ranges from the art and theater scene of the 70’s, the music video boom of the 80’s and 90’s through over twenty-five years as an independent filmmaker shooting and lighting, writing and directing documentaries, corporate productions, commercials and entertainment. 

A core component of Foster’s professional experience has been developing and producing educational and training films for healthcare, manufacturing, faith-based and educational institutions.  Locations have included: surgical suites at Vanderbilt; factories in Mexico; hometowns across Tennessee; blues clubs back in the Delta; the floor of the New York Stock Exchange; and the rain forest of Peru.  Production credits include: documentaries for ITV London and Discovery Channel; news for ABC and CNN; entertainment television for CMT; Tangible Vision and Deaton Flanigan Productions; music videos for Ruckus Films, Taillight Pictures, Scene 3 and Tacklebox Films; commercials for Running4Cover, Filmhouse and Rink Entertainment; and corporate/educational for Envision, Inc., United Methodist Publishing House, and Arts & Sciences.

Running straight through the cameras, lights, strips of film and digital memory is Foster’s drive to organize, evaluate and communicate information and experience through his productions, one-to-one mentoring and classroom teaching.

He has a BA in Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University with an interest in film and a MS in Information Science from University of Tennessee, Knoxville with an interest in film and arts information management.