Undergrad Catalog 2010

Songwriting Program (SNG)

The SNG program is focused on the artistic craft and business aspects of professional songwriting.  Students in the songwriting program complete either the B.S. or B.A. curriculum with a major in Songwriting and a minor in a career related discipline.  The objective of the Songwriting program is to help the student develop his or her artistic craft while gaining a practical understanding of the business aspects of a songwriting career.

Songwriting Curriculum
Songwriting (B.A. or B.S.) Hours
General Education Core Requirements (B.A. or B.S.)
    Gen Ed Technical Requirement - MUH 2000, The Musical Experience (3)
Songwriting Major     43 
Music Business and Songwriting Requirements   28  
    MBU 1110, Survey of Music Business  
    MBU 2520, Copyright Law


    MBU 3450, Music Publishing   3  
    AET 1380, Survey of Recording Technology  
    AET 2370, Studio Production I   3  
    SNG 2100, Seminars, Workshops, Showcases(1)


    SNG 2110, Fundamentals of Commercial Songwriting I   3  
    SNG 2120, Fundamentals of Commercial Songwriting II  
    SNG 3110, Songwriting Practicum I   3  
    SNG 3120, Lyric Writing  
    SNG 4015, Songwriting Senior Capstone  
Music Requirements   13  
    MUT 1300, Fundamentals of Music (4) (2) or MUT 1330, Ear Training I (1) and MUT 1310, Harmony I (3) (2)   
    Music elective chosen from MUT, MUC and/or MUH courses - music theory, commercial music, and music history   6  
    MUH 3210, Evolution of the Popular Song  


Free Electives     10 
Total Hours 128

1 Pass/Fail. Must earn a minimum of four (4) passing credits.

2Theory placement test may determine placement into higher-level theory (e.g. MUT 1310/20, Harmony I/II) where substitution will occur.