Undergrad Catalog 2010

Major and Minor Fields


Discipline Concen-
or Major
Minor B.A. B.B.A. B.F.A B.M. B.S. B.S.N. B.S.W. Elem. or Middle Licensure** Sec.
Specialist Licence
Latin   X                 X  
Liberal Studies X   X       X     X    
Management X     X                
Marketing X  X   X                
Mass Communication X  X X       X          
Mathematics X X X       X     X X  
Medical Physics X            X          
Medical Technology X           X          
Military Science   X                    
Ministry X   X        X          
Music X X X              
Music Business X X   X                
Music Composition X         X            
Music Education X         X           X
Music Performance X         X            
Music Theory X         X            
Musical Theatre X        X X            
Music with Outside Minor X         X            
Neuroscience X           X          
Neurobiology   X  
Nursing X             X        
Nutrition X
Organizational & Corporate Communication X   X X        X           
Pharmaceutical Studies X           X          
Philosophy X X X       X     X    
Photography   X                    
Physical Education and Health X         X         X
Physical Science   X                    
Physics X X       X     X X  
Physics, Engineering X           X          
Piano Pedogogy X         X            
Political Science X X X       X     X X  
Politics and Public Law X    X                
Psychology X X X       X     X X  
Public Relations X X X       X          
Public Relations Management X X
Religion and the Arts X X X                  
Religious Studies X X X                  
Religion - Church Leadership & Adminstration  X  
Russian   X                    
Science & Engineering Mgt. X           X          
Second Language Acquisition X
Social Entrepreneurship X    X        X          
Social Justice X
Social Work X             X     X
Sociology X X X       X     X X  
Sociology - Cultural Studies X
Songwriting  X   


Spanish X X X             X X  
Spiritual Formation   X                    
Sports and Media X
Statistics   X               X X  
Studio Art X X X X
Theatre & Drama X X X                X
Theatre Directing X X
Theatre Education X X X
Theatre Performance X X
Theatre Production Design X X
Video Production X X X X
Web Development X
Web Programming & Development X            X          
Writing   X                    
Youth Ministry & Church Recreation   X                    

** Completion of these majors plus specific course requirements in the School of Education for the designated areas provides teacher licensure eligibility in the state of Tennessee.