Undergrad Catalog 2010

Financing Your Education

The cost of an education from Belmont University is among the lowest to be found in any accredited private senior university in the South and compares favorably with the total expenses of other accredited colleges and universities. The low costs have been made possible by substantial gifts by alumni and friends. Therefore, the actual cost of educating a student at Belmont University is considerably greater than the amount charged and all students attending Belmont share in this savings. Belmont University reserves the right to alter fees and tuition at the beginning of any semester of the academic year if, in the judgment of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, such change is necessary.

The university cost estimator page under the Student Financial Services (SFS) web link is the definitive listing for university costs. Any differences below defer to the SFS cost listing.


A. Tuition (2011-2012)
The following charges are made each semester.
12-16 Hours 12,450.00
Fewer than 12 hours (per hour) 950.00
More than 16 hours (per hour) 950.00
Summer School (per hour) 950.00
University College (per hour) 545.00
Audit (per hour) 950.00
B. Fees (non-refundable)
Student Fee 0-3 hours 170.00
Student Fee 4-11 hours 420.00
Student Fee 12+ hours 615.00
Summer School 170.00
University College Student Fee 1-12 hours 170.00
Application Fee (see Admissions)
Graduation Fee Undergraduate / Masters / Doctorate 185.00 / 250.00 / 275.00
International Baccalaureate (per hour) 5.00
International Student Application Fee 50.00
Late Exam Fee 10.00
Returned Check Fee 25.00

Student Fee

The funds generated by this fee directly impact the overall campus experience for Belmont students, including such important areas as emergency services, campus safety, mail services, parking, maintenance, career services, library services, student activities, and technological advancements.

C. Deposits
Enrollment Deposit (new students) 250.00
Housing Deposit (This will be deducted from the Enrollment Deposit) 100.00
International Student Tuition Deposit 3000.00

Enrollment Deposit

Upon approval to Belmont, all new students are required to pay a $250 enrollment deposit to reserve a place in the semester for which the student applied. Payment of the enrollment deposit is necessary before any new student may register for classes.

The enrollment deposit will be credited to the student’s account and will be used to offset the expenses accrued in the first semester of studies at Belmont. If the student resides on campus, the housing deposit of $100 will be pulled from the enrollment deposit.

Housing Deposit

The housing deposit is required by all students living in Belmont University housing. The deposit is held in reserve non-refundable. Only requests made within 30 days of vacating the room will be honored. Should a new student cancel a housing assignment prior to moving on campus, the deposit is non-refundable. Additional cancellation charges may also apply.

When a new student requests housing, $100 of the enrollment deposit will be set aside to cover the housing deposit.

If a current student needs campus housing, the deposit must accompany a Current Student Housing Application which is available at Belmont Central or the Office of Residence Life.

D. Campus Housing
All residential students will be required to comply with a nine-month contract. Room and Board charges will be placed on the student's account.
Residence Halls:
Dickens 3,900.00
Hail, Heron, Maddox, Pembroke, and Wright 2012-2013  
Double 2,400.00
Triple 2,200.00
Kenndey, Thraikill, Maple, All New Residence Halls 2012-2013  
Double 2,725.00
Maple, Patton, Bear                                                                                       
Double                                                                                                         2,725.00
Belmont Commons, Bruin Hills 2011-2012 3,700.00
Hillside Apartments (2 bedroom) 4,100.00
Hillside Apartments (4 bedroom) 3,900.00

*During the Fall and Spring Semesters the Residence Halls will remain open for all breaks and holidays with the exception of Christmas and the period between Summer Session and Fall Semester. Limited summer housing is available. Please contact the Office of Residence Life or visit the SFS website for additional information.

E. Board
Students living in the residence halls must purchase a meal plan. Rates are listed at per semester cost.
2012-2013 Meals (Residence hall students must purchase a meal plan)**
Plan 1: 20 meals per week 2110.00/semester
Plan 2: 16 meals per week + $175 declining points 2110.00/semester
Plan 3: 14 meals per week + $225 declining points 2110.00/semester
Plan 4: 10 meals per week + $225 declining points


Plan 5: 8 meals per week + $350 declining points


Plan 6: 5 meals per week (Apt. and Commuters only) 580.00/semester

**Incoming freshmen are required to take either the 14+, 16+ or 20-meal plan for both the fall and spring semesters. All meal plan contracts are for the entire academic year and may not be changed mid-year.

The University Dining Hall is closed during Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break; however, during those breaks, other on-campus food service options may be available to students. Food service options during breaks may NOT be included in the meal plan cost.

Selecting Meal Plans

All students living in residence halls must choose a meal plan. First semester freshmen living in the residence halls must select either 14+, 16+ or 20-meal plan. Students living in other campus housing may purchase a meal plan through the Office of Residence Life or a Commuter meal ticket through Dining Services.

All meal plan meals are all served in the dining hall. Meal plans with extra credit consist of meals served in the dining hall and the additional credit which can be used in the Curb Cafe, What's Bruin and Corner Court.

F. Course Fees
Some courses at Belmont require additional special fees for materials or specialized instruction used in the course. These fees are listed as part of the individual course description and are listed in the class schedule each term. These fees are non-refundable.