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Job Searching

Job Search Checklist

The job search can feel overwhelming, so it's helpful to break it into manageable steps. Start checking off as many of these activities as you can, and you'll find youself on the way to a great opportunity. Contact Career Development for assistance with any of the following steps.

Step 1: Know yourself.
  • I have identified my personal preferences, strengths, skills, interests, and values using career assessments available through Career Development.
  • I have reviewed What Can I Do With This Major? to explore potential career fields.
  • I have made a list of potential job titles/fields of interest and researched them using O*Net.
  • I can name two or three careers/jobs I plan to pursue.
Step 2: Know where you want to work.
  • I have researched organizations that may hire someone with my education and experience.
  • I have researched potential career fields: typical entry-level jobs, typical salaries, best geographic location for jobs in my field, etc.
  • I have identified the top three geographic areas where I would like to live and work. If I plan to relocate, I have researched the cities/countries using GoinGlobal.
  • I have identified 10 potential employers for the type of work I am seeking.
  • I have reviewed Career Planning Sites and explored the other Online Career Resources on the Career Development website.
Step 3: Get ready for the search.
  • I have reviewed sample resumes in CareerConnector and developed a professional resume and cover letter.
  • I have uploaded my resume and cover letter to CareerConnector so that the document(s) can be reviewed by a staff member in Career Development.
  • I have prepared a portfolio or website to showcase my experience, skills, and education.
  • I have developed my "30-second elevator pitch" for brief encounters with employers.
  • I have identified three to five professional references.
  • I have met with my Career Development Specialist to discuss my job search and networking strategy.
  • I have prepared for interviews by scheduling a practice interview with my Career Development Specialist, participating in a Practice Interview Event, or utilizing InterviewStream to practice my answers to common interview questions.
  • I have interview attire that is appropriate for the field in which I want to work. I have researched professional interview attire for men and women.
  • I have a professional-sounding voicemail message for when an employer calls.
  • I have a professional e-mail address to use in all of my correspondence with employers.
  • I have kept my social media profiles free of potentially offensive and/or character damaging pictures and statuses.
Step 4: Start searching.